Fairytale Ending

The minute you told me fairytales didn’t exist was the minute you crushed my whole world. You said we don’t always end up with our first love and life moves on. You shoved me out of your life. And If I wasn’t in your life it wasn’t worth living in a fairytale’s dark forest. Endless weeping nights followed me. Haunting my waking life, drowning my hopes and dreams of my fairytale ending. The darkness wrapped around me suffocating and Scarring my living flesh.
When a brave knight fought the darkness away you decided it was a nice place to rest. Selfishly Claiming back what once was yours to take. You took me under your spell. My eyes lit up and the sky danced behind us. The glittering skies swept us off our feet and life was weightless again. But at the stroke of midnight the spell was no longer binding. I was left dazed and confused. Cluelessly Staring at the scars my skin had endured. My eyes recognized the darkness that so selflessly kept my wounds hidden from the outside world. I embraced what I thought was love and gave into it completely. Slowly it kept gnawing away at my heart and soul. But it didn’t matter as long as it kept me company on the last days of my resting life.